Divorce Vows

Did y'all watch Marlon on NBC? It was so good! The premise is that Marlon and ex wife Ashley are divorced and raising their kids.  Marlon is way comfortable and always at the house and basically wants his cake and to eat it too; all out here being bachelor up in these streets but still wants to come home to his family when he feels like it. You know the usual....man stuff.

It's actually a cute show. On the season finale he tries to take Ashley, his ex wife on a date on their anniversary. For the sake of the kids, Ashley has been going along with most of these shenanigans because they are good friends.  Ashley says she doesn't want to celebrate with him this year but Marlon lures her to the restaurant where they had their first date anyway.  And they have the following exchange:

Marlon: "I'm sorry if in our marriage I didn't follow through with promises but in divorce I promise you I will."

Ashley: "And I promise you I'll hold you to that."

Marlon then jokes that they just have divorce vows and someone should say "You may now kick the groom."

I chuckled and thought hmmmmm this could be something, divorce vows could really be a thing.

This arrangement/friendship/happily divorced thing doesn't make sense to everyone but it makes sense to them.  Gwyneth Paltrow called it consciously uncoupling and the concept had folks scratching their heads.

Here's the thing my good people, come closer so you can hear me, it is possible!

You don't have to hate the person you were once married to.  You can actually be friends, give each other advice, and all that stuff that society tells you is impossible.  I had breakfast with my ex-husband and his girlfriend recently.  It was our son's graduation and I decided I didn't need any awkwardness for my son's special achievement.  That simple.

Lets be clear, this is a process and y'all ain't gonna be friends right away.  There's gonna be lots of anger and you need to feel it but somewhere down the line anger dissipates and friendship returns especially when kids are involved.

The best part is that you don't have to deal with all the things that worked your nerves anymore. You're an outside spectator now and have a front seat to all the habits that used to drive you insane. It's quite entertaining.

My divorce vows would be, "I promise to not freak out about you being late all the time and not showing up for all the important things because I don't have to and I'll be there anyway."

How bout that?!

Can you imagine what these celebrity divorce vows would be?  Ha!


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