And the Big Deal Is?

Sometimes I wonder why some shit makes the news.

Then again, sometimes I think I was given too much common sense.

All this talk of this Mother giving her 13 year old son a cell phone with a contract is not a big deal, come on people!

As parents we gave my oldest son a cell phone for his 13th birthday.  He didn’t get a cell phone until 13.  This was the rule.  I didn’t care that we knew 7 year olds with cell phones.

Not over here.

As parents we had a discussion and agreed on things before even buying him the phone. Then, we sat down with him and gave him some rules and expectations about this new responsibility.

Isn’t this the thing to do?

Help me understand.

My son knows that I pay the bill on this cell phone and I trust him to NOT have to know his password every minute of the day BUT if I ask you to hand the phone over and TELL me the password RIGHT NOW, there are no further questions.

This goes for everything. Don’t surf for porn on your phone, don’t text foolishness to your friends and accept foolishness from your friends.  This, again is common sense to me.

One word I have taught my sons from the time they can remember is ACCOUNTABILITY.

I have taught them to be responsible for their actions.

They know that if they get caught up in some foolishness via a cell phone or where ever else, there will be NO “I was just forwarding the message for so and so.” Nope, you played a role by that forward and you’re in it.

The point of all this is I just don’t get why this mother and her son are making national news because of this contract.  Is it because it was written out and he had to sign it?  Is it because it is an I-phone 5? So many questions......

Help me understand.


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