It happens to everyone.  That shiny brand new thing one day becomes dull and boring.

It all fades away some days.  The beautifully manicured lawns you once admired on TV and on postcards beckoning you to come are glorious and divine to look at now that you live here but some days you long for the grass you saw outside your window growing up.

This land of plenty and choices galore make you appreciate that you have a choice most days but some days you long for the simplicity that ONE thing brings.

And when you voice your longing and say you miss home you are not met with empathy but instead by the dreaded "Why did you come here? Go home to your country."

My younger self would go to that place full of anger and explanation but these days I have nothing.  I just don't have the energy.

Yes, this is the land of the free and the home of the brave BUT I have a home.  I have made this my home but home will always be home.  Don't mistake that.

Why do people do that? Immigrants have it the worst.  We are expected to be cheerful all the time, do every single thing exceedingly and abundantly well and be super human.  The minute you get a bad grade, get clinically depressed, lose a job, say you are homesick, you know things everyone goes through, you get that dumb statement.

What is crazy is that these very same people are the ones looking forward to their Mama's Thanksgiving meal in February!  When you move from Chicago to LA and are having a bad day and longing for your Mama's touch or the food from your favorite restaurant, does anyone ask you why did you move to LA and berate you to go home?  You moved for a reason, college, a job, a new relationship, something.

Immigrants did the same.

Yes, there are more choices here but please believe that we have sacrificed a lot to be here.

I am no longer interested in people who say things like this.

I am more interested and drawn to authentic people who don't have different rules for different groups of people and are the same across the board.

Words have so much power and as I was thinking on this, I came up with an acronym for it.  If you see this on a t-shirt or Beyonce uses it in a song, please remember that you saw it here first.


I have taken responsibility and I not only listen but to hear the words as they leave my mouth.

There is so much I don't say or pull back from saying if it the taste is not pleasing in my mouth.

If my words don't taste delicious in my mouth, then why would I release them to the world?


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