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He Does Not Bend, I Am Fine With That

He was planned. I mean we didn't have ovulation kits and a schedule of when to get down but we did have the discussion that went something like this. "We really should have another baby for our firstborn to play with, shouldn't we?" I think this was after we had watched Barney for the 15th time in a row and our firstborn still wanted us to play with him. "Yeah, we really should." And that was that. We had baby number two. A second son. Perfect. Now they'll play with each other and grow up their brother's keeper forever. Oh life, if only it was that simple.  Well, the having a play mate and being each other's keeper has worked but that perfect part? Ha! My first pregnancy was what the books said it would be. I went from not being able to finish a 6 inch sub, eat 3 inches for lunch and save the rest for dinner, to hearing myself order a fish filet meal, 6 piece nuggets and an apple pie and eating it all in 5 minutes. Yeah, other than