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Mama's Rules for Life

I have been writing these rules for my amazing sons for years in my head. It is time to get them out of my head and on to the internet of course :) Here goes............... My Loves, I love you and you will hear me say this until my last breath.  I don't think I will ever stop staring at you and marveling in how handsome you are. You take my breath away and watching who you are becoming is my greatest pride and joy. I have some rules to live by about everything for you and I want to document them for you. Perhaps you will read them and live by them, or maybe you will simply glance at them and go back to being teenagers. Perhaps you will take one or two of these rules now and they will sink in or maybe years from now, you will read this again and somewhere in mid-sentence with someone important you will smile and say, "Mama said." All I can do is write this down and allow the pieces to fall where they may. On God: 1. Always know that you are never alone. Go