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Let that Magic Back In

I am 43 years old and currently, without any shame at all, I am being guided through my day to day life by a 4-year-old sassy cutie patootie who has become my Yogi/Guru/Sensei/Super Soul Sunday Episode/Iyanla Fix My Life all in one. My best friend Porsha has been sending me pictures of her brother's cute girls for months now. her lil brother who I remember being a 5-year kid when we were in college.  Talk about an entire head trip. Shout out to Nemo for one my favorite songs. Porsha sent a video a couple of weeks ago of a wonder child dancing her lil heart out and I haven't gotten enough of her since. Her name is ZaZa and she is quite the fireball and very expressive dancer. The video Porsha sent me is of ZaZa asking for her jam to be played with her singing a few lines and asking if her parent remembers the song so they can play it. Her lil voice asks, "Member? I got that water BOOM BOOM." The beat drops and ZaZa's little body comes alive and the rest is i