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Gaining One’s Definition (G.O.D)

                I am being harassed and pressured to write by 2 people who shall remain nameless or not. Hey Edith and Elita. Happy now?  Both E’s. Surely there is a story here.  I’ll explore it one day.                 I have had discussions over the years and most recently with philosophical, lover of history Warrior about religion.  He studies it in depth so he can go on and on for days about its origins and meaning while I am content with my UCZ (United Church of Zambia) and Fatima Girls Catholic School Religious Education class fundamental teachings.  We both agreed that Catholics have a high level of no judgment zone compared to most.  My Religious Ed class taught me about Catholic Saints, the Prophet Mohammad, Buddha, Gandhi and Jesus.  It was never about how their way was right and everyone else was wrong and doomed.  I’ll forever appreciate them for that.                 I got it early that the world was huge and it was not all Christian.  I refuse to believe that only t

Parenting: The Tricky Teenage Years

Those of you who know me outside of the internet, well my life is on the internet so scratch that.....those of you who know me know I fell in love 2 years ago with my nephew-son Princeton.  I spent everyday with him from the day he was born until he left to live with his Grandma. He just turned 2 and this is the stage I loved most with my sons.  These little people suddenly develop personalities and actually communicate with you! It's the best feeling in the world to have a conversation and see how their minds work.  Princeton has developed a love affair with Barney episodes on my phone and potato chips and found every way to work that into our conversations. My sons, my sugarbabies, my young men are now teenagers. I have learned to adjust but this right here is new territory that no one can prepare you for like most stages of parenting.  They can write the books and preach the Sunday morning services about it but until you get here, you have no clue. Not one iota yo! Th