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When I said my wedding vows 21 years ago I knew it was a forever thing.  No one was more surprised than me when it turned out not to be.  Divorce was never in my plans but there I was leaving with just my two kids, our clothes and no job ten years ago.  Since then I have become a whole new unmarried person.  I've learned so many lessons and become a person I love so much.  I wake up and high five myself every single day for becoming such a grown woman who knows exactly what she wants. The pity society has placed on unmarried people is so dumb.  Society wants you to smile through the tears and accept things that are less than just so you can say you're married.  People treated me like a sad, soulless shell of a woman just because I chose to exit my marriage; the very marriage that no longer served me.  They asked me shit like, "Are you sure?" which was such an insult to my intelligence because who makes such a major decision without being sure?  I knew I was making