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As The World Keeps Turning.....

I made an entire plan for 2020 back in March. A step by step plan y'all. The plan included steps I was going to take for the rest of 2019 (yes, even though it was only March) to get myself situated and exactly where I needed to be in the new stage of my life as an empty nester. I figured since both kids would be in college, I could actually go back and get my life on track.  My life wasn't off track but my main focus had been my kids and every single decision I made revolved around them.  Where we lived, what I spent on, what I bought for myself, everything was about them.  You know, parenting 101.  I was excited to live anywhere in the city I chose since school districts were no longer a thing for me and moving in 2020 was at the top of my empty-nester getting it together for 2020 list.  To be clear, I wasn't under the illusion that parenting for me was ending, I just knew that they didn't need me day to day like they used to and I needed to refocus on things paren