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Bad Ass Mwabz

I started running 6 years ago in March 2013.  At first, I was fully content meeting my Black Girls Run sole sisters once a week on Wednesdays and running 3 miles with them.  I watched them discuss upcoming races after the run and thought they were in a lane I had no business being in.  Running with them was fellowship and I looked forward to my Wednesdays because of them; I'd catch up on their lives and they would catch up on my life between Wednesdays.  I was newly divorced raising 2 kids and one of the ladies always had an encouraging word or would tell me about resources that got them through their tough days and helped raised their kids.  Eventually, their lane didn't seem so foreign anymore and I signed up for my first 5K that Fall, a 10K followed and the following Spring, I ran my first Half Marathon. My family watched my journey and loved to tell people that I was a runner.  They told them I was crazy for doing it too but their pride in me made up for that.  My