As The World Keeps Turning.....

I made an entire plan for 2020 back in March. A step by step plan y'all. The plan included steps I was going to take for the rest of 2019 (yes, even though it was only March) to get myself situated and exactly where I needed to be in the new stage of my life as an empty nester.

I figured since both kids would be in college, I could actually go back and get my life on track.  My life wasn't off track but my main focus had been my kids and every single decision I made revolved around them.  Where we lived, what I spent on, what I bought for myself, everything was about them.  You know, parenting 101.  I was excited to live anywhere in the city I chose since school districts were no longer a thing for me and moving in 2020 was at the top of my empty-nester getting it together for 2020 list.  To be clear, I wasn't under the illusion that parenting for me was ending, I just knew that they didn't need me day to day like they used to and I needed to refocus on things parenting had taken me from.

I put everything into play in March and felt like an adult. Then July happened.  I always knew about Mercury in Retrograde but never paid it much mind.  It was one of those things I kept in the back of my mind but didn't focus on.  2019 changed that, specifically July 7th to August 2nd when Mercury in Retrograde hit.  Boy, did it hit! Every single thing hit from every angle.  I felt like I was the sole target of a firing squad and it wasn't pleasant.

I could have crumbled.
I should have crumbled.
But I did not.
I trusted that the universe was at work and all I had to do was take it all in.

Mercury in retrograde may have knocked me off my center but it didn't take me out of here.  I regrouped with a quickness once I realized that all that was required of me was simply the 4 re's; re-set, re-align, re-start, re-claim and re-ignite.

My nicely laid out plans may not look how they looked when I made my initial plan but they're still in place. The universe is taking me through a more scenic route that I was not expecting and it's beautiful and allowing me to smell the roses, not be in such a hurry and not be so regimented.  I'm grateful for this.  I needed this.

A beautiful soul changed my mindset a year ago and because of this, the firing squad can fire all the want.  They will be met with smiles, sunshine, flowers, unicorns, crystals, sage, soundbars and all the beautiful things to counteract what they're bringing.

Life is beautiful and I know it.
I am beautiful and I know it.
Everything happens as it should and I know it.
The universe has my back and I know it.

I may not know what's coming but I know it will be amazing cause the universe is at work and I'm taking it all in.

I've got this!


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