Alright 2018, Here We Are

I spent January 1, 2018 in my pajamas and mostly watching Offspring, an Australian TV show I recently discovered on Netflix.

I left my bed very briefly to visit my sister's grave a few miles from my bed.

Yup, my sister passed away on August 10, 2017.  Stage 4 colon cancer. A few months shy of 3 years since being diagnosed with stage 3.  Colorectal cancer is a bitch and it's on the rise. 

2017 started with me training for my first marathon and watching my sister's health decline daily. Decline turned to knowing the end was coming and let me tell you, watching a loved one die for months does quite a number on your soul.

I started seeing a Therapist a month ago.

New year's day ended with my sons and I watching the Rose Bowl and Georgia pulling out a win.

So yeah, 2017 was quite the year.

I became a vegetarian in June. People keep asking me why and it was before What The Health scared everyone. It was time I guess and subconsciously, watching someone you love's organs shut down one by one makes you think about food in a whole different light. 

I'm really just writing this to document that I was here cause mostly I've got nothing.


  1. Hi African girl, American world... My apologies for writing here on the blog, but I used to be your pen pal years ago. I sent you a message on Facebook. Hope that you get a chance to see the message.

    from Connecticut


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